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Kater Flooring - A Family Business Of Glenview
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What we do

Kater Floor's trained professionals install, refinish and maintain all types of flooring. This includes Hardwood, Engineered, Pre-Finished, Tile, Marble, Slate, and Stone Floors

We Pride Ourselves in These Unique Traits

  • We hand stain every floor and show color samples directly on the floor for the customers approval
  • We can custom mix stains to match any color of existing flooring in your home
  • Only professionally trained craftsmen will install flooring on your job
  • A foreman will be present at every job and will personally work with you to complete the job
  • We only use quality finishes that will provide the ultimate durability and wear on your floor
  • Jobs occur over consecutive days, ensuring the project is completed in a timely manner
  • We do not "sub-out" any work, each and every job will be completed by Kater Floor
  • Custom stain colors to match existing flooring and trim is one of our specialties
  • We use dustless machinery to keep your house clean, and your family healthy

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